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Ergonometric Movement Technique

A new vision of worker's health
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Erez Alon
Erez Alon - EMT Master
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Ergonometric Movement Technique-EMT

A new vision of workers health

Long working hours, Workplace Stress, Motionless work positions, and prolonged sitting are at the same time one of humanity symbols of progress and the reason for the loss of many workdays. These are also the root causes for the fact that almost 80% of adults at work suffer from back pain and other physical problems.

Usually, “quick-fix” solutions such as changing workers' keyboard or chair only postpones the problem, and offers remedy for some of the workers. In other cases the “fix” is achieved through a short-term treatment of phisiotherapy. A more thorough approach is needed - one that will make a constant, stable, improvement and will depended less on the use of objects or help of other persons.

Ergonometric Movement Technique (EMT) is a program designed to improve the well-being & health of workers. At the same time, EMT increases business efficiency by improving the workplace ergonomic aspects. It leads to higher output and less time loss due to workplace injuries and aches.

The Implementation of Ergonometric Movement Technique

Ergonometric Movement Technique (EMT) is based on 3 complementing activities:

  1. Ergonomic consulting aimed at organizing the working environment in a less harmful way. Our experts will help you arrange the working area in a movement-friendly fashion. This goes a few steps beyond the use of regular ergonomic princpiles and design.
  2. An active hands-on lecture in which the employees get a full and clear explanation about both the Do's & Don’ts of movement and posture in the workplace. The lecture focuses mainly on back-pain related problems, caused by prolonged inactive sitting & a stressed environment. The lecture is both verbal & physical (hands-on)! It is aimed to raise the awareness and interest of the workers to the common ergonomic hazards and some ways of avoiding and correcting them.
  3. An EMT Active series of Movement Classes in the workplace itself. The classes are moduled according to the abilities of both workers and organization and are therefore suited for all types of companies or professions. Within a few classes, employees would feel a substantial improvement in movement and posture related health issues.
    The workout program constantly improves employees' phisycal & mental state and becomes workers feel refreshed. The session serve as a socializing and physical break during the long working day. Exercise time is short but effective.
  4. These three aspects of the EMT program are designed to build a full and long-lasting change. Best results are achieved by using all the EMT layers, but it is possible to modify them to the workplace’s resources and prefernces.

    The EMT program is simple and inexpensive to implement - the ergonomic approach is designed to use existing facilities and environment space, while the movement classes require little room and no special gymnastic equipment besides personal mattresses.

    EMT was developed out of practical experience and movement workshops to all kind of groups and as a treatment for various workplace injuries. It is successfully implemented for over 30 years!
    EMT's Academic & conceptual roots stem from the ADAM approach. It is being used in companies & organizations for the past 3 years. Each and every exercise and advice based on EMT combines powerful effectiveness collected through experience and theory! With the EMT approach Preventing the employee health problems is always cheaper then correcting it.

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