Establishing stable habits at a young age is the most effective and thorough way to ensure that our child’s backs carry them safely even in old age. 

After years as a movement teacher in many schools: from Kiryat Malachi to North Tel Aviv, from the Tel Aviv School of the Arts to working with organic children at the Yaad school, I built an adapted program for integration within the school system at the student , teacher and parent level.

Posture Care Program for children includes lesson plans and training are adapted for different ages from kindergarten through senior year. Clippings actual lessons

The world we live in is a sedentary world of many screen hours from a young age (from age 6 an average American child will spend 3.2 hours a day in front of a screen).

The natural heritage of our body is movement and if we impose on our children hours of sitting without  movement  – we have a duty to correct i .