Marketing Committee Meeting

I. Marketing Budget 2013 carry over – 12,000$ 2014 budget – $16,500 II. Marketing Plan Marketing objectives Business recruitment – […]

Executive Assistant Meeting

Welcome to the Special Interest Group (SIG) Executive Assistants & Personal Assistants Meeting Introductions Welcome to Country Housekeeping Rules Presentation […]

Website Renovation Meeting

Meeting Objective: Status updates and team tasks for the website project Topics to cover: Review metrics data Review heat map […]

Teacher Leader Team Meeting

Session #1: Team Functioning Build common language around team functioning using Patrick Lencioni’s Five Dysfunctions of a Team Self-assess one […]

Team member responsibilities

Describe the project’s purpose and aims. Document questions to take back to Executive Sponsor. Discuss the level of participation expected […]

Strategic Planning Meeting

Meeting Objectives: Establish a spring communication plan to update the college community on the near-final strategic plan. Review explanatory statements […]